Saturday, November 19, 2011

Animal Print heels

I've always thought animal print shoes were not for me. Classic but not really basic. It was not something that stores near me would sell anyway. Two weeks ago, I passed by The Bay's (Canadian) shoe section on my way to girl's wear (no, not for me but my daughter). Guess what I found?

Beautiful almond toe and hint of toe cleavage make it a yes for me. Platform heel is about 4". This Expression brand came in two versions: Carina is the wedge and Christina in non-wedge. The animal print only came in the wedge. Other shades were brown croc, nude, black, black patent and red. Some shades are fast becoming "extinct" online.

I had to try it on. I was secretly praying it was not comfortable. Nope. It felt and looked good. Several customers commented on how good it looked then proceeded to ask the sales clerk for their size too.

If you read my nude shoe post, you know that most of my shoes are from sample shoe sales. So at full price of $79.99, I was going to take my chances at finding my size in the nude and animal print when they are on sale. The sales clerk kindly advised me that the 2-for-$99.99 event just finished a week ago so it likely will not be on sale again. I walked away empty-handed. That was a Wednesday. By Friday night, I resolved to buy the nude at full price. On Saturday, the same sales clerk was there and was about to leave (end of shift) but not before she told the cashier that the 2-for sale price is still valid. When she looked my way, I mouthed my heartfelt "thank you" for helping me save. You see, the nude was definitely coming home with me - sale or no sale - but I could not leave the animal print at the store.

Looking back, I do not know what I would have done if it also came in flats…hmmm.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

October was a blur

The last few weeks have been busy for me - personally and professionally. October up to mid-November, I'm up to my ears with planning a kid's party, finding the perfect gifts and orchestrating a grand day for hubby. My daughter celebrated her birthday by having a pool party with several of her friends.

One of the friends has severe nut allergy so after-dinners were spent looking for simple cake recipes to make at home to ensure no nuts in the ingredients. Bakeries could not guarantee that any cake would be 100% nut-free. In the end, we settled for cupcakes which were easy to make and serve. The kids loved it so much that they had seconds and thirds so there were none left to take home.

Here is my daughter testing out her requested birthday gift - boots - as her Dad looks on.

Tomorrow will be my husband's birthday and we both took the day off from work to pad around downtown. My daughter is coming with us since her school is closed for Professional Day. The weather forecast is for clouds. I'll take that over a wet day. I'm excited for tomorrow!

Happy birthday my sweeties!