Friday, December 2, 2011

Back draft - at Tristan

If you read my previous posts, you'll know that I often visit Tristan stores. While buying dress pants in (what else) camel-shade, a sales person showed me the matching blazer.

Now I'm not as picky as I should be when it comes to fitting. I'm learning from you lovely ladies but I do compromise. The front part looks so lovely in person. So I bought it with only two minutes to think about it (Hubby had to return to work for a meeting). When I tried it again at home, I turned to look at the back and was dismayed.

The jacket was too long for my torso so the vent kept wanting to open (causing a "back draft"). Even when the jacket was unbuttoned, it stayed open -- not as much but still annoyingly noticeable to me. For that reason, I've returned it. If you are at least 5'3", this would fit much better on you. I think Tristan is still having their 50% off sale. Don't be intimidated by the high-end display. March to the back of the store where they store more price-reduced items.

Click here to connect to their website. This jacket is not showing up on their website.

Excuse the shirt and pants. I just wanted to post this up quickly while the jacket is still in the stores.

Enjoy the weekend!

Skinny jeans love

At the cost of dating myself, I remember wearing skinnies back in high school. Now I know they say, if you're old enough to have worn them the first time they were in fashion…Ha! I've learned to ignore some sayings.

I tried a few jeans before I settled on this Gap jeans. I have found some other brands since that purchase but there's something about first love that makes you reach for it again and again. This is an easy pairing for me on casual Fridays.

I've worn them so much that the waist has stretched out more than an inch. That, or I've lost weight (not likely). To avoid having to pull them up so often, I found that a belt is a must. I tried the front tuck. Is it ok?

I rely on shirts and jackets to hide the gape at the back. (Looks like I might need a hair trim)

During their Black Friday sale here in Canada, I stopped by at Gap to find a replacement. Nope, nothing left in my size. I might just have to add these to the pile destined for my tailor.

Ladies who own Gap jean leggings: did the waist line stretch out on you?