Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hair updo clips

How do you ladies find good lighting for outfit pictures? With the shorter days, I find it difficult to take pictures after work when it is already dark. It is light enough in the morning before we leave but there is never time. I recently bought a smaller camera that fits in my purse. My goal is to have hubby take pictures during our lunch hour. These days, though, both of us are always rushing to the mall in search of items that my daughter has on her Wish List or for her school concert (or replacing yet another piece of clothing that she has outgrown). All done with love, I assure you.

I thought I would post some hairclips that I have tried. These were from Save-On and Superstore (both Canadian but could probably find in any American drugstores). They ranged from $6 to $8.
On the left is the Bun Spiral, Modern Updo in the middle and Spin Pin on the right.

First is the Bun Spiral. Here is the back of the package. Gather your hair and twist around the base of your ponytail. Slowly screw the Spiral around your hair bun until it touches your scalp.

No matter how I tried, it always turns out into some variation of this fail.

Maybe my hair is too thick so I tried a half-updo.
Works better but too bulky.

Next up is the Modern Updo. I'm including the back packaging in hopes that someone can figure it out. (pull it up then down??)

Here's another fail. My husband and I could not stop laughing long enough to take more than one picture.

The third one - Spin Pin - is the most successful hair updo accessory for me.

It is similar to using a basic straight hair pin except it will not fly out if your hair is thick like mine. After twisting your hair into a French roll, screw one pin slowly to include both the rolled hair and the hair lying near your scalp. Take the other pin and do the same but screw it from the top.
If I put the pins closely beside each other without them touching, it held my hair up well.

I nodded and shook my head more than gently (but not enough to give myself a concussion) and my updo stayed secure.

I always thought I could not do a French Roll since my hair is so thick. The Spin Pins allow me to wear my hair up stylishly on those days when a ponytail won't do. Hopefully, one of you will steer me to a YouTube or picture tutorial on how to use the Modern Updo pin.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Back draft - at Tristan

If you read my previous posts, you'll know that I often visit Tristan stores. While buying dress pants in (what else) camel-shade, a sales person showed me the matching blazer.

Now I'm not as picky as I should be when it comes to fitting. I'm learning from you lovely ladies but I do compromise. The front part looks so lovely in person. So I bought it with only two minutes to think about it (Hubby had to return to work for a meeting). When I tried it again at home, I turned to look at the back and was dismayed.

The jacket was too long for my torso so the vent kept wanting to open (causing a "back draft"). Even when the jacket was unbuttoned, it stayed open -- not as much but still annoyingly noticeable to me. For that reason, I've returned it. If you are at least 5'3", this would fit much better on you. I think Tristan is still having their 50% off sale. Don't be intimidated by the high-end display. March to the back of the store where they store more price-reduced items.

Click here to connect to their website. This jacket is not showing up on their website.

Excuse the shirt and pants. I just wanted to post this up quickly while the jacket is still in the stores.

Enjoy the weekend!

Skinny jeans love

At the cost of dating myself, I remember wearing skinnies back in high school. Now I know they say, if you're old enough to have worn them the first time they were in fashion…Ha! I've learned to ignore some sayings.

I tried a few jeans before I settled on this Gap jeans. I have found some other brands since that purchase but there's something about first love that makes you reach for it again and again. This is an easy pairing for me on casual Fridays.

I've worn them so much that the waist has stretched out more than an inch. That, or I've lost weight (not likely). To avoid having to pull them up so often, I found that a belt is a must. I tried the front tuck. Is it ok?

I rely on shirts and jackets to hide the gape at the back. (Looks like I might need a hair trim)

During their Black Friday sale here in Canada, I stopped by at Gap to find a replacement. Nope, nothing left in my size. I might just have to add these to the pile destined for my tailor.

Ladies who own Gap jean leggings: did the waist line stretch out on you?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Animal Print heels

I've always thought animal print shoes were not for me. Classic but not really basic. It was not something that stores near me would sell anyway. Two weeks ago, I passed by The Bay's (Canadian) shoe section on my way to girl's wear (no, not for me but my daughter). Guess what I found?

Beautiful almond toe and hint of toe cleavage make it a yes for me. Platform heel is about 4". This Expression brand came in two versions: Carina is the wedge and Christina in non-wedge. The animal print only came in the wedge. Other shades were brown croc, nude, black, black patent and red. Some shades are fast becoming "extinct" online.

I had to try it on. I was secretly praying it was not comfortable. Nope. It felt and looked good. Several customers commented on how good it looked then proceeded to ask the sales clerk for their size too.

If you read my nude shoe post, you know that most of my shoes are from sample shoe sales. So at full price of $79.99, I was going to take my chances at finding my size in the nude and animal print when they are on sale. The sales clerk kindly advised me that the 2-for-$99.99 event just finished a week ago so it likely will not be on sale again. I walked away empty-handed. That was a Wednesday. By Friday night, I resolved to buy the nude at full price. On Saturday, the same sales clerk was there and was about to leave (end of shift) but not before she told the cashier that the 2-for sale price is still valid. When she looked my way, I mouthed my heartfelt "thank you" for helping me save. You see, the nude was definitely coming home with me - sale or no sale - but I could not leave the animal print at the store.

Looking back, I do not know what I would have done if it also came in flats…hmmm.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

October was a blur

The last few weeks have been busy for me - personally and professionally. October up to mid-November, I'm up to my ears with planning a kid's party, finding the perfect gifts and orchestrating a grand day for hubby. My daughter celebrated her birthday by having a pool party with several of her friends.

One of the friends has severe nut allergy so after-dinners were spent looking for simple cake recipes to make at home to ensure no nuts in the ingredients. Bakeries could not guarantee that any cake would be 100% nut-free. In the end, we settled for cupcakes which were easy to make and serve. The kids loved it so much that they had seconds and thirds so there were none left to take home.

Here is my daughter testing out her requested birthday gift - boots - as her Dad looks on.

Tomorrow will be my husband's birthday and we both took the day off from work to pad around downtown. My daughter is coming with us since her school is closed for Professional Day. The weather forecast is for clouds. I'll take that over a wet day. I'm excited for tomorrow!

Happy birthday my sweeties!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jacob and Le Chateau now sell online

If you didn't know already…Jacob now sells online anywhere to Canada. I think I read somewhere that they are hoping to branch out to the US eventually. I think that's great. For those not familiar with Jacob's line, here are some pieces from my wardrobe.

I do not own too many Le Chateau items. A turquoise knit top and old green jacket (no pic).

Their clothing is more likely suited for people who are not petites. The torso is longer and of course, sleeves and hem fit those who are 5'4" and up. I still visit Le Chateau now and then for accessories and shoes. In a separate post, I'll feature the purse I bought recently.

Have you checked out either of these stores before?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Every year, my co-workers and I dress up for Halloween. We aim to win the Best Team category. Last year, one of the ladies was kind enough to lend us her old saris. This year, we were…


Happy Halloween everybody!

Off to plunder check my little one's loot. Arrr!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Camel coat - which is which

As promised, here are the details on my previous camel coat post.

From H&M for $30! They may have made a mistake. Last week, I saw a new red tag on it as 30%. When I returned it, the clerk kept saying "really??"

This was from Aritzia. (Ping: you definitely have an eye for high quality items!) The Talullah Babaton Bromley Military Coat (buy here). After Canadian taxes, it came to $400 but I still have to add in alterations - yikes! The wool and cashmere blend made it so luxurious but I was not too happy with the high funnel neck. I knew if I kept it, I would regret not being able to close up the collar properly. Return!

H&M for $50. Very classic so I kept this and will make alterations to fit me. This will do for now until I can find a better coat. With the camel trend, I thought I'd find one easily but I was so wrong. It looks like a few petite ladies are on the lookout for a camel coat as well so I will be watching. (I'm exhausted just from these three!)

Thank you to Cee, marialinh, Ping, Elaine and Melissa who commented on my previous post and helped me make a decision.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Which coat gets your vote?

For years, I've dreamed of a camel coat but could not easily find them. If I do find one, I could not bring myself to pay the high price tag.

This year, I decided I've waited long enough so the hunt is on. I need a coat that I can wear with dresses or skirts and with jeans.

This is where I need your help. I need to hear your voice and vote for the one you prefer. I will not post the price nor the brand so neither will sway your decision (although some may have already spotted them in stores so shhhh). In a week, I will post both the price and brand for those who may be interested.

Here is the first coat. It leans more greyish-taupe than camel.

The flap could be tucked into the pockets which is how I was planning to wear it to minimize bulk.

The sleeves will have to be shortened and the belt loops moved up higher to match my waistline.

The second one is double-breasted.

Again the sleeves must be shortened.

The belt loops are sitting in line with my hips so alteration is a must to move it towards my waist.

The back flap will keep me warm during the winter months.

The third is doubled-breasted too but with a funnel-neck.

The first picture is closer to the true color.

The funnel neck covers the tip of my chin. The stock photos on the company's website show part of the model's chin being covered up too. I won't bother wearing it up as the fabric would show dirt within a month.
My photographer was having a bad day so none of the pics showing the back were clear enough to include here. It is just plain like the second coat above but without the double flap.

Readers: which one do you think suits me better?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to comment. Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No nylons -- yet!

Fall is here in Vancouver. That means wet and more wet.

I've been holding off wearing nylons or pantyhose (lingo depending where you live). Luckily, my legs have some colour to them.
Cardigan: Jessica XS (old), skirt: Mexx (thrifted for $6), dress worn as top: no name $10, shoes: Jessica $12.50

Had to break up the black with a yellow belt. I tucked a sheer summer dress under a skirt. Wore nude shoes instead of the predictable black.

Top: Cleo XS (last year), skirt: Jessica Petites (old and hemmed), shoes: Moda (old-sample sale $30)

I love these shoes. When I started working fulltime, I bought shoes in different colours. I was only doing what I saw while growing up. My mom used to have shoes in the colours of the rainbow...and then some. One wall of their garage - a car length plus about 5 feet more - had chest high wooden cubbies where she stored her shoes. In this regard, like mother, like daughter.

Luckily, when we get home, the rain seems to let up and there is still some fair lighting for snapping pictures. Pretty soon, I will be back to indoor pictures which are uninspiring. Hmmm…we'll see.

Have you opened a package of nylons yet?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

H&M gloves

I always buy black gloves. Gifted gloves tend to be in black too. Except for a dark wine one that my sister gave me one Christmas. I still haven't worn it as I tend to find stains no matter how careful I am. This fall, I promised to get gloves in another colour other than black. At H&M, I found a camel one.

H&M butterscotch gloves $29.95

Yup, I told you in my Jacob dress post that I have a thing for camel shades this season.

I tried to capture the true colour. IRL, it is a rich butterscotch shade. The leather is soft.

Just to show you how long the gloves are.

As I went to change into another outfit, here's my daughter showing appreciation for these gloves.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jacob camel dress

I wanted to post this dress while it was in stores. I love the simplicity of the design.

Jacob camel dress XS $89

Earlier this year, Jacob brought this dress in black. It was a tad long in the torso so even if it would have made a good LBD, I had to pass. A month ago, I spied it again in the stores but this time, it is in camel. Since camel shades has been catching my eye lately, I had to try it on. It fit much better than the black one! I mentioned this to the SA and she brought a black one from the storeroom. I tried the black on and sure enough, it was cut longer in the torso than the camel. Weird.

The only thing that bugs me a bit is the little bump at the bottom of the zipper. It will probably straighten out after a few more wears.

I'm debating on whether to take up the hem or not. Hubby said to leave it but I don't know if he is just trying to save money. What do you think?

Here is a closeup of the Amrita Singh that I bought off Annie from Really Petite. Love!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for my fellow Canadians -- Happy Thanksgiving!