Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tristan Animal print dress

I saw this when it first came out but waited for a sale. Bad move! Someone else in the office bought it at full price ($89). Oh well...

During their last 50% sale, I saw this dress in size XS still hanging there at the back of the store. It was discounted at 40% -- good enough for me. It has a unique criss-cross overlapping on the chest. Made of jersey material so it is perfect for travels as it never creases. Material is thick enough so no show-thru.

Tristan is fast becoming a favourite of mine lately. Can be pricey but the sales are worth waiting for. I do have competition from other petite shoppers since size XS and S are usually snapped up within three days of a sale. I just have to run faster!

Have you shopped at Tristan before?