Monday, September 19, 2011

Tristan: petite-friendly?

When FitReview debuted, we were invited to share pictures of items on a petite frame. This is the dress I posted.

This size XS dress is from Tristan (Canadian). As of yet, they do not sell online. They offer tailored, polished pieces. I went when it first opened at a mall near my office. For two minutes. Long enough to see the prices - yikes! For two years, I would dare myself to go in. I was intimidated by the snooty-looking and older sales staff. This summer, they hired a younger sales associate named Alex. So friendly, helpful and patient. She helped me decide on several pieces.

After getting it hemmed several inches. $69.50 plus $10 hemming. Another petite blogger couldn't believe that Tristan could fit a petite.

With my body size, I find that Tristan pieces can work for me. The last few dress purchases only needed hemming. Ok, you're right. They are wrap dresses. However, I found that at other stores, even wrap dresses didn't work for me: the waist landed and accentuated my large hips or the wrap itself closed almost halfway toward my back. Most of the tops didn't work for me: sleeves and/or hem were too long, shoulders too wide, details look amplified.

After it was hemmed. Size XS $69.50 plus $10 hemming.

Here is a top bought around the same month.
I bought this and a light blue chambray shade too (both in XS). Cost: $59 plus $5 to shorten the sleeves and $5 to shorten the hem. I haven't had the blue one altered. I love being able to wear it closed, unbuttoned, sleeves folded with tab or left closed to the wrist, tucked, untucked... I do have to be careful though as the dye transfers. I do have a bucket of Oxyclean for my white jeans.

To answer the question: is Tristan petite-friendly? Yes and no. It depends on your body size and height. I'm short but wider (fatter?) than many petites out there. In their limited fall collection, I tried on a black dress with padded shoulders and cap sleeves. An XS felt like an 00 in Banana Republic or size 2 in H&M. A size S fit well but was too long in the torso so much alteration costs. I still check online here for their offerings. The material, quality and classic styling will keep me coming back.