Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aritzia Lace top

It's been in the store for a while. Most of Aritzia tops are pricey compared to this top. At the recent 50% sale, this top was excluded.

Aritzia Talullah Betsy blouse C$50 in Oak
Jacob silk flouncy hem skirt (old)
Cameo $17 (vendor at Canada Day fair)
LV Speedy

It also comes in Black, Purple Rain, Misty Rose (peachy pink), Garlic Flower (mauvy), Darling (peach). After posting it in, one commented about it being delicate, so I took to wearing cardigans when I walk around. So far so good *fingers crossed*.

I have been eyeing American Eagle's tank lace top in grey. I finally pulled the trigger on petite size S from Banana Republic since XS was no longer available. Hopefully my tailor could do something if too big.

Do you have this top? Being a girly top, how do you give it an edge?


  1. Princess Canadian Petite, :), I see your hair is getting longer and that adds a feminie touch to your overall look! By the way, you never give your name. May I know your name?

  2. @Princess Ruth: Yes, I noticed the diff in hair length between these two pics too. I like it but orig I wanted short hair for shorter drying time as I run at lunch during work days. You can call me Maye.