Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jacob and Le Chateau now sell online

If you didn't know already…Jacob now sells online anywhere to Canada. I think I read somewhere that they are hoping to branch out to the US eventually. I think that's great. For those not familiar with Jacob's line, here are some pieces from my wardrobe.

I do not own too many Le Chateau items. A turquoise knit top and old green jacket (no pic).

Their clothing is more likely suited for people who are not petites. The torso is longer and of course, sleeves and hem fit those who are 5'4" and up. I still visit Le Chateau now and then for accessories and shoes. In a separate post, I'll feature the purse I bought recently.

Have you checked out either of these stores before?


  1. I didn't realize that Le Chateau did online shopping too! I don't think I've shopped there since high school though :P I'm excited about Jacob though their sizes are really hit or miss but at least I don't have to walking in and out of a store disappointed at the lack of sizes now!

  2. @ Elaine: They have some grown up pieces now that you can wear to work (silks and wool too). You should check them out.