Monday, September 19, 2011

Tristan: petite-friendly?

When FitReview debuted, we were invited to share pictures of items on a petite frame. This is the dress I posted.

This size XS dress is from Tristan (Canadian). As of yet, they do not sell online. They offer tailored, polished pieces. I went when it first opened at a mall near my office. For two minutes. Long enough to see the prices - yikes! For two years, I would dare myself to go in. I was intimidated by the snooty-looking and older sales staff. This summer, they hired a younger sales associate named Alex. So friendly, helpful and patient. She helped me decide on several pieces.

After getting it hemmed several inches. $69.50 plus $10 hemming. Another petite blogger couldn't believe that Tristan could fit a petite.

With my body size, I find that Tristan pieces can work for me. The last few dress purchases only needed hemming. Ok, you're right. They are wrap dresses. However, I found that at other stores, even wrap dresses didn't work for me: the waist landed and accentuated my large hips or the wrap itself closed almost halfway toward my back. Most of the tops didn't work for me: sleeves and/or hem were too long, shoulders too wide, details look amplified.

After it was hemmed. Size XS $69.50 plus $10 hemming.

Here is a top bought around the same month.
I bought this and a light blue chambray shade too (both in XS). Cost: $59 plus $5 to shorten the sleeves and $5 to shorten the hem. I haven't had the blue one altered. I love being able to wear it closed, unbuttoned, sleeves folded with tab or left closed to the wrist, tucked, untucked... I do have to be careful though as the dye transfers. I do have a bucket of Oxyclean for my white jeans.

To answer the question: is Tristan petite-friendly? Yes and no. It depends on your body size and height. I'm short but wider (fatter?) than many petites out there. In their limited fall collection, I tried on a black dress with padded shoulders and cap sleeves. An XS felt like an 00 in Banana Republic or size 2 in H&M. A size S fit well but was too long in the torso so much alteration costs. I still check online here for their offerings. The material, quality and classic styling will keep me coming back.


  1. Ah I'm so glad that Tristan continues to work for you! I know I keep saying I'll go check it out but truth be told I don't visit malls very much these days and when I do I'm in and out really quickly. Oh how times have changed LOL! I think I will actually make a special trip to check Tristan out one day :)

  2. I have problems fitting into clothes too! I'm small but rectangular shape so it's frustrating to find pants that I can button but it's baggy on my legs. Love the colours in that first dress! I hate going into stores with snooty salespeople >:(

  3. @Elaine: My office is a 5 minute walk to the mall that's why I don't mind going. "For exercise", my hubby says...

    @gilly: Ahh pants! that's my next project. It's as difficult to find as swimwear, no??

  4. wow! nice to see someone petite like me, my technique for a dress, is to wear them as long as the hem is not below the knee.. so i think tristan is petite friendly. i love the texture of your dress :D

    btw, please check my blog and follow if you like, I promise I will return the favor. thanks.

  5. Tose fits so nicely on you! I also saw your collection of nude and taupe shoes, they are all so pretty!

    I love your blog and am new follower!

  6. @tinymum: Those dresses are a lifesaver when I'm running late in the mornings. I really must skinny down on my shoe collection…I know. Thanks for subbing - you're sweet!

  7. Yay for Target in Canada!!! Been to TO before, we actually have our PR in Canada but have not use it since my hubby's work is here in the US. Am not sure if will be able to use it at all.

    Anyway, can you try and follow me again, coz I did not see you in my list, it's propbbly one of those Blogger glitches!
    Thanks and hope to blog hop with you again!

  8. yes I see you now! ^_^ Take care and happy weekend!

  9. The pink top is so pretty! My mom is a petite (and I probably technically am too) so I feel the pain of ill fitting clothes! Thanks for making this blog for us little girls! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you like it! :)


  10. @Mary&Dyer: That pink top is proving to be a valuable addition in my closet. Thank you for checking out and subbing to my blog. I have to take more outside pics before putting up more posts. Don't want to bore you with mirror shots.

  11. Princess Maye, I am very attracted to your outdoor pics too! And the bright red dress compliments your smile so perfectly. You are pretty. Keep it up!

  12. @PrincessRuth: Thank you for your comments and your support. : ) I'll keep trying with the outdoor pics but Vancouver is known for wet weather. : (

  13. The dresses look great on you - I often have to hem dresses/skirts, too!