Friday, December 2, 2011

Back draft - at Tristan

If you read my previous posts, you'll know that I often visit Tristan stores. While buying dress pants in (what else) camel-shade, a sales person showed me the matching blazer.

Now I'm not as picky as I should be when it comes to fitting. I'm learning from you lovely ladies but I do compromise. The front part looks so lovely in person. So I bought it with only two minutes to think about it (Hubby had to return to work for a meeting). When I tried it again at home, I turned to look at the back and was dismayed.

The jacket was too long for my torso so the vent kept wanting to open (causing a "back draft"). Even when the jacket was unbuttoned, it stayed open -- not as much but still annoyingly noticeable to me. For that reason, I've returned it. If you are at least 5'3", this would fit much better on you. I think Tristan is still having their 50% off sale. Don't be intimidated by the high-end display. March to the back of the store where they store more price-reduced items.

Click here to connect to their website. This jacket is not showing up on their website.

Excuse the shirt and pants. I just wanted to post this up quickly while the jacket is still in the stores.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. That's what I usually do, go to the back of any stores first to check out the clearance items. And if I can't find anything, I will walk around the whole store.

  2. LOL Backdraft :P never heard that term before! That always happens to me though I try something on, it fits then I snap a photo and it's a return!

  3. Awww....that's too bad........I do love that camel color. But kudos for sticking to your guns on fit. Definitely the most important aspect to any article of clothing. I have to say your hair is soooo pretty!!