Monday, September 12, 2011

Costume jewelry finds

Hubby and I considered moving to a small town - Sidney, British Columbia in particular. It is in Victoria Island where life seems less stressful and slower-paced. Whenever we visit my inlaws in the summer, we try to stop by during the Thursday open-air market on Beacon Street. The wonderful smells from food vendors always pull me in. Once my tummy is satisfied, I scour vendor stalls for a good find. This year, I found a vintage jewelry vendor. I spotted this.

I can only guess that it is gold-plated but definitely inlaid with mother-of-pearl. It's the only one that I wanted to take home.

Imagine my surprise when the vendor said it also came with a bracelet:

My sis-in-law beamed when I told her that I bought it for $20 instead of the $24 price tag. She said "You bargained!" She's right...I am usually too shy to bargain.

The following week, while still on vacation, hubby was intrigued to go to the Vancouver Flea Market. Like hungry hunters, we turned on our phones to keep track of each other and quickly went our separate ways. I wanted something red or coral. No luck with that though I did not come home empty-handed. I found these:

It was from the same vendor. Both for $8. He didn't realize the gold link was a Monet. Both had to be resized as they fit too big. Twenty dollars for resizing. $14 each final cost per bracelet. Yay!

Before my vacation, I placed my first Haute Look order on August 4. Amrita Singh black Nello. It arrived August 26. With that kind of a time lag, I could do serious damage to my credit card if I continue ordering online.
I was worried it was too much for everyday wear. I think the trick is to wear it with a plain outfit to balance the jewelry's over-the-top design. I love it and plan to wear it with tshirts and jeans as well. The only problem is my greedy self wants the coral and ruby and lapis too.

In July, I bought this at the Golden Spike Days Festival. It came in denim blue and black too.
Cameo pendant $17

I heard there is a way to store costume jewelry to minimize that metallic smell. So far *knock on wood* I haven't had that problem. Jean at Extra Petite suggests storing them individually in baggies. Any other tips?

Do you like thrifting for jewelry?


  1. Wow you got some great finds there! I espcially love the items you picked up from the markets!

  2. When I saw your comment a few days ago to check out your blog, I got so excited. I’ve enjoyed your comments over the year(s?) and am so thrilled that you’re documenting your own experiences and finds now. The necklace and bracelet set you found is to die for. And $20? I’m blown away. I need to seek out places near here that have vintage jewelry vendors and not just regular thrift stores (small selection, bad luck lately).

    When I saw your last purchase, I almost thought it was from the store of a fellow blogger – Sew Petite Gal. I think she creates cameo necklaces very similar. The baggies have held up okay for me – only 1 piece has tarnished, but I can’t tell if it’s because the items were quality to start with or if it’s the plastic bag trick actually working.

    PS – also amazed by your neutral shoe collection. Such a wide range of styles.

  3. @PAG: *squeal* thank you for commenting. You have so many followers that I didn't think you would remember me. I will certainly check out SPG. I need to shrink my shoe collection -- it's so difficult though!