Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taupe and nude shoes

In hopes of avoiding purchasing similar styles or colours, I took inventory of taupe and nude shoes. I honestly didn't realize how many I already own.

This is just taupe and nude colours. Gasp! I'm afraid to take full inventory of what lives in my closet.

For my sake, I grouped them by style.

Naturalizer (so old) with square toe has to go...but I still garners good comments from co-workers.
Moda $30 (I think) sometimes feels a bit too high when running between meetings.

Jessica $12.50 not yet test driven
Portia $35 comfortable

Closed toe and open toe:
Madden Girl $40 unworn but Winners clerk said she owns two of the colours and they are very comfortable
Expression $28 classic toe shape but too light for fall and winter

BCBGeneration suede peeptoe $40 (any suggestions on good suede protector?)
Charles by Charles David $40 unworn; sexy as h--- but heel may be too high

Most of my shoe shopping happens bi-annually during a Shoe Sample Sale. They carry shoes, boots and sneakers by Guess, Arturo Chiang, Sam&Libby, Hillary Radley, Tommy Hilfiger, Born, Clarks, Sofft, $30-70. They also have a $10 pile with nail-size holes on the shoe soles that I fill in with silicone.

Ok, I have an addiction. In my defense, shoes are easier to buy than clothes. You understand, right?

As I returned all shoes on the shelves, I noticed that I neglected to include a few more. *shakes head*

Are you a shoe addict? How do you manage your shoe collection to fit your storage space? Do you buy one and discard an old one?


  1. My eyes turned green just at the sight of the array of shoes you possess. Stylish yet prudent price tags, wise!

  2. Wow, you own a ton of nude colored shoes! Can you believe I don't own a single pair of shoes in this color. lol! Oh wait... I do own 2 pairs of sandals in British tan. Does that count? I do love shoes though. I'm not crazy about the nude scene just isn't for me whether it be shoes or make-up. I love color. My storage space is very small so I actually use shoe bags for those shoes I don't wear often and for those I do I use those fabric shoe organizers you can put in your closet. I also try to give shoes I don't wear anymore to the thrift shop. I just can't keep them all.

  3. @Ruth: awww thanks!

    @Javacurls: Had to look up British tan. Yes, I think that would count. I like to see what I have because with me -- out of sight, out of mind! I tried to give up some shoes for space, but I'm such a shoe hoarder LOL

  4. Oh WOW! awesome! Im slowly turning into one :-D
    Wanted to email you the list of stores here but I didnt find any email id link and so Im just typing it out here :) I go to VallueVillage and GoodWill stores. They have a lot of locations and have some kid of sale going on all the time. Also High end designers consignment store like The Closet is also good but pricey.

  5. Wow, that's a lot of pairs of nude shoes. But what great versatility with all your pairs! I think the Charles is my favorite.

  6. Wow, and I thought I had a lot of shoes! I counted a few weeks ago when pairs came tumbling down out of my closet onto my head :) Beautiful selection you have here, the T-strap versions are really lovely, and the round toed ones too!