Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Camel coat - which is which

As promised, here are the details on my previous camel coat post.

From H&M for $30! They may have made a mistake. Last week, I saw a new red tag on it as 30%. When I returned it, the clerk kept saying "really??"

This was from Aritzia. (Ping: you definitely have an eye for high quality items!) The Talullah Babaton Bromley Military Coat (buy here). After Canadian taxes, it came to $400 but I still have to add in alterations - yikes! The wool and cashmere blend made it so luxurious but I was not too happy with the high funnel neck. I knew if I kept it, I would regret not being able to close up the collar properly. Return!

H&M for $50. Very classic so I kept this and will make alterations to fit me. This will do for now until I can find a better coat. With the camel trend, I thought I'd find one easily but I was so wrong. It looks like a few petite ladies are on the lookout for a camel coat as well so I will be watching. (I'm exhausted just from these three!)

Thank you to Cee, marialinh, Ping, Elaine and Melissa who commented on my previous post and helped me make a decision.


  1. lol! i'm glad u decided on one. are you going to wear the h&m one as is or will you get it alter?

  2. @Ping: Nah, too big to wear as is. Will have to wait until after alterations. Good thing I returned the Aritzia one (my boss bought the same one last year and I never noticed - oops!)

  3. Good choice, for the price of that Artizia coat I would have returned it too LOL!

  4. I was having a difficult time commenting on your blog. The only way I managed to get to this page was by signing in and clicking on your individual blog postings on my dashboard. Anyways...The Aritzia coats are soo expensive, you got a really good deal on the H&M one. Can't wait to see how it looks when its altered.