Thursday, October 20, 2011

Which coat gets your vote?

For years, I've dreamed of a camel coat but could not easily find them. If I do find one, I could not bring myself to pay the high price tag.

This year, I decided I've waited long enough so the hunt is on. I need a coat that I can wear with dresses or skirts and with jeans.

This is where I need your help. I need to hear your voice and vote for the one you prefer. I will not post the price nor the brand so neither will sway your decision (although some may have already spotted them in stores so shhhh). In a week, I will post both the price and brand for those who may be interested.

Here is the first coat. It leans more greyish-taupe than camel.

The flap could be tucked into the pockets which is how I was planning to wear it to minimize bulk.

The sleeves will have to be shortened and the belt loops moved up higher to match my waistline.

The second one is double-breasted.

Again the sleeves must be shortened.

The belt loops are sitting in line with my hips so alteration is a must to move it towards my waist.

The back flap will keep me warm during the winter months.

The third is doubled-breasted too but with a funnel-neck.

The first picture is closer to the true color.

The funnel neck covers the tip of my chin. The stock photos on the company's website show part of the model's chin being covered up too. I won't bother wearing it up as the fabric would show dirt within a month.
My photographer was having a bad day so none of the pics showing the back were clear enough to include here. It is just plain like the second coat above but without the double flap.

Readers: which one do you think suits me better?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to comment. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. My vote goes to the second coat. I think the double-breasted trench style is so, so classic. I agree with the sleeve shortening and belt-loop altering. I think it may also be worth it to raise the hem just a bit, so it hits you above the knees like the other two coats. Can't wait to see what you end up with!

  2. #2! It is much more fitted and figure flattering on you, with a very classic design that will always be versatile. I would also consider shortening the length just a smidgen if possible to lengthen your body =) Looks great!

  3. #3 for sure! that one seems to fit you best and you will to spend less $$ on alterations. i also like the length. the sleeves is just a tad long, but it's prob an easy fix. the quality of the material looks nicer than the other 2. i have an eye for liking expensive things, i hope that is not the most expensive coat of all.

  4. I thing the 2nd coat fits you best but I'm loving the 3rd coat (is it Soia and Kyo...I might have it in grey LOL!).

  5. #2 looks effortlessly classic on you. It looks warm but not bulky. I also agree with raising the hem a bit. Cute!

  6. @ Cee: Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I'll consider the hemming. I was hoping to wear #2 with dresses.

    @marialinh: You've hit all the pros (in my opinion) about #2. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    @Ping: Thanks for voicing your opinion. I would love to see how you would style/wear the funnel neck on #3. A few other customers and I spent time styling it.

    @Elaine: Thanks for voting! What specifically do you love about the 3rd coat? I wonder how you would style/wear the funnel neck.

    @Melissa: Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it is warm because of the double backflap and nice that petite figures are not buried in mountains of cloth.

  7. I love that the 3rd coat is "different" I actually like the higher belt. On most occassions I probably wouldn't put the funnel neck up but on windy days it would look really nice up even covering the mouth LOL! But since I wear makeup all the time. I'd have to make sure I had a scarf layered in between - one that I could easily wash afterwards.