Tuesday, October 11, 2011

H&M gloves

I always buy black gloves. Gifted gloves tend to be in black too. Except for a dark wine one that my sister gave me one Christmas. I still haven't worn it as I tend to find stains no matter how careful I am. This fall, I promised to get gloves in another colour other than black. At H&M, I found a camel one.

H&M butterscotch gloves $29.95

Yup, I told you in my Jacob dress post that I have a thing for camel shades this season.

I tried to capture the true colour. IRL, it is a rich butterscotch shade. The leather is soft.

Just to show you how long the gloves are.

As I went to change into another outfit, here's my daughter showing appreciation for these gloves.

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