Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hair updo clips

How do you ladies find good lighting for outfit pictures? With the shorter days, I find it difficult to take pictures after work when it is already dark. It is light enough in the morning before we leave but there is never time. I recently bought a smaller camera that fits in my purse. My goal is to have hubby take pictures during our lunch hour. These days, though, both of us are always rushing to the mall in search of items that my daughter has on her Wish List or for her school concert (or replacing yet another piece of clothing that she has outgrown). All done with love, I assure you.

I thought I would post some hairclips that I have tried. These were from Save-On and Superstore (both Canadian but could probably find in any American drugstores). They ranged from $6 to $8.
On the left is the Bun Spiral, Modern Updo in the middle and Spin Pin on the right.

First is the Bun Spiral. Here is the back of the package. Gather your hair and twist around the base of your ponytail. Slowly screw the Spiral around your hair bun until it touches your scalp.

No matter how I tried, it always turns out into some variation of this fail.

Maybe my hair is too thick so I tried a half-updo.
Works better but too bulky.

Next up is the Modern Updo. I'm including the back packaging in hopes that someone can figure it out. (pull it up then down??)

Here's another fail. My husband and I could not stop laughing long enough to take more than one picture.

The third one - Spin Pin - is the most successful hair updo accessory for me.

It is similar to using a basic straight hair pin except it will not fly out if your hair is thick like mine. After twisting your hair into a French roll, screw one pin slowly to include both the rolled hair and the hair lying near your scalp. Take the other pin and do the same but screw it from the top.
If I put the pins closely beside each other without them touching, it held my hair up well.

I nodded and shook my head more than gently (but not enough to give myself a concussion) and my updo stayed secure.

I always thought I could not do a French Roll since my hair is so thick. The Spin Pins allow me to wear my hair up stylishly on those days when a ponytail won't do. Hopefully, one of you will steer me to a YouTube or picture tutorial on how to use the Modern Updo pin.


  1. I have never seen those spin pins, they look amazing. My hair is just now getting long enough to secure up in a bun....thanks so much for sharing this info!!

  2. @ Callandra: Definitely a must try. Would love to see how you style your hair with these!

  3. My sister tried the spin pins but they didn't stay so well because she didn't have enough hair! Okay, this is kind of time-consuming, but sometimes I will do outfit shots on the weekend and then post them over the week. Or you could record what you wore and reshoot it on the weekend? :)

  4. Oooh, I'm loving the 3rd style on you! I may have to try these...I am a little boring with my hair and this seems like a good way to do something different.

    Thanks for the review!
    XO - Marion

  5. The spin pins definitely work! I have that first bun thing you showed but I never tried it! Perhaps when my hair gets longer again I'll try it out.

    As for the picture taking, it's really hard, I only have the evenings so I do without any light. My camera is pretty good in low light settings so that's been helpful!

  6. P.S. I'll be sure to let you know if I have a blogsale! I've never done one before!

  7. @Tang: Over the weekend. Hmmm..will try. And yes, looking forward to your blogsale when you're ready.

    @Marion: Thanks for visiting and commenting. Love meeting lovely people and discovering new blogs.

    @Elaine: Hey, how are you? Love the spin pins too. I have them in my work desk when my hair is getting on my nerves. I have a Nikon DSLR and Nikon Coolpix which are both good in low setting too but maybe my problem is time more than lighting. Will keep trying.

  8. i always wondered how to use that last one!! Nice to know it does come with directions haha. I will have to try it out when my hair grows out.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Ooo I like how your hair looks with the Spin pin! I've seen these before and always been curious since I can never ever put my hair up like that. And I totally get you with the picture taking. I haven't been taking any outfit photos either for the same reason!

  10. These seem like a great product! I really must try something like this, I have long hair and I really struggle to keep it in updos, it always falls down and gives me so much trouble! <3

  11. Amazing.. Never thought these exist!


  12. @Summer & Beatrice: Thank you for visiting and commenting. Will be visiting your blogs for future posts.

  13. I have the same issue with taking photos! And its much colder here in Toronto. When I started my blog, last winter my photos with my point and shoot looked really crappy b/c my house is really dark too. Since I upgraded to a DSLR, its a better b/c it seems to capture more light (still learning to use it tho!).

    I have all 3 of those too!

    My bun spirals are a fail, I don't think I have enough hair or not long enough. Have given up on this product.

    The modern twist is a hit-or-miss. Sometimes I use it but still put in a ton a bobby pins. Defeats the purpose though! I try to twist it in with my hair elastic (ok not really sure how to explain..!)

    Spin pins are most successful for me too!! I love them. Enough to buy the mini-spin pins but they were not as successful. I usually use a pony tail holder tho, plus the 2 original spin pins for dance class, and they stay in place (even with lots of spinning)! I'm going to have to try doing a french twist with mine...

  14. @Petite: The DSLR is a little better but with poor lighting from the weather, it's a no-go for pics. Will keep playing with the spin pins - I need a new do.

  15. i always thought of buying those but my hair is very fine and not a lot of them.. so not sure if those will work for me.. i love the spin one! looks great!