Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty white stuff

Saturday morning, out the window, I was greeted with beautiful blinding white stuff - snow!

Unfortunately, there's the not so beautiful part - shovelling! My daughter loves to 'help' when my husband goes out there.

Luckily, my commute to work takes me from garage to garage so no need to overdress. I know the day will come when I receive a note from Human Resources telling me that my carpool spot is being revoked but until then, I always give thanks for the privilege. I do welcome the Winter season as I love wearing tights. At Winners (Canadian), I spotted some colourful thick cotton and woolen tights. Will have to investigate for possible outfit match-ups.

Kersh cardigan (I buy most of mine from Plum)
brown sleeveless tank (old)
H&M skirt with back zipper opening
Guess by Marciano heels

I have not had a chance to read other blogger posts but maybe tomorrow (earned day off from work)…

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I lived in Vancouver for a few years back and I remember few snow storms and no salt trucks on the roads. I now live outside of Ottawa and am used to piles of snow(we just got over 25cm the other day) but thank goodness for snowblower. No way we can shovel the driveway by hand. Love Winners! Great outfit and I love the color of your tights. Matches perfect!

  2. The first photo is so beautiful. And then the 2nd photo is kinda funny...that is one long driveway!!
    Love this outfit...the tights and green cardi are perfect together!

    XO - Marion

  3. I love snow! Its great that you can have this in your backyard as it never snows in the suburbs over here in Aus. Loving that color of your cardigan :)

  4. @Small Town Gal: My husband grew up in Ottawa so he has tried to paint a picture for me. I don't think I'd last long but I'd enjoy riding the snowblower!

    @Marion: Yes, I am lucky to live across that view. Imagine that same greenbelt with fall leaves -- that was where my wedding pics were taken. Oh, I'm glad you like my outfit.

    @catattack2000: I love Kersh cardis - I know I should not buy multiples but with this one, I'm addicted. I would love to have sunshine (and higher temperatures) most of the year…grass is greener, right?

  5. wow you defn got a lot more snow than we did! we only got *maybe* an inch in total.
    PS- I guess dogs are like people. some you get along with, and some you just can't stand haha

  6. Oh good! I have that skirt too, this is such a great outfit idea, I love that color combination!

  7. The snow is so pretty - we don't get much in Georgia. But when we do, the whole city shuts down, haha!

    Also, I made 2 purse clutches and I'm giving away one of them - you can pick which size you like! Check it out here!

  8. @gilly: An inch??

    @Callandra: I'd love to see how you style it!

    @ MaryAnn: Oh, day off from work…cozy by the fire…mmm
    Oooh, am def checking those cluthes. I'd love to own one of your DIY creations!

  9. Love that oufit! Whoa you guys got hit pretty hard! We got some snow here last week but not too bad. And it all melted quickly!

    Woolen tights....sounds itchy to me LOL!! I always wanted to know where to get fleece lined tights from, they sound so comfy! I've just been doubling my tights, keeps me warm but I'm the same as you. I go from my home garage to work work parking lot. The only time I'm really outdoors is walking from my car to my office door!

  10. @Elaine: Glad you like the combo. Our snow melted quickly too. Fleece-lined tights: let me know if you find out where to buy.

  11. The weather where i live is getting weird. It's almost feb and there's no snow yet! Really love the scenery of snow!

  12. The H&M skirt looks awesome on you. It's been raining a lot where I live but not much snow yet. Love the first photo!

  13. @fashionable mem: Read some of your post to see where you are but couldn't guess. Love your posts though.

    @ PLG: Thanks for stopping by, Sydney. Alas, in true Vancouver style, here comes the rain!

  14. Ahh, snow. So beautiful but yet dangerous at the same time. Luckily (?) we haven't had any big snowstorms yet this year, but I'm bracing myself for some before the winter is out.

    Love the colors you're wearing. I find dark browns hard to pull off -- must use as inspiration!

  15. Loving the skirt & how you belted it - so cute :) And I wish we had more snow here!

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. I love the earthy color tones of your outfit! :)
    And I wish I could see snow here in California!

    Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

  17. @Cee: Am experimenting with browns as my new black which seems too harsh for my skin tone lately.

    @Annie: Thanks for dropping by. The belt came with the skirt.

    @Natalie: Thanks for visiting. Noooo! If you get snow in Cali, where would I go for sunny vacations??