Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dark amber blouse and Taupe pants

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Now…we resume blogging posts. I seem to have amassed thrifted items over the last few months. Today I am showcasing a silk blouse bought two months ago but the sleeves were (what else) too long and I could not find the time to take it to my tailor. I may have to get it shortened some more.

Being silk, it floats nicely on the body. I like its classic rather than fitted shape (no clinging). Just love the rich colour. Reminds me of supple leather purses.

Moda International $8 - 95%silk 5%spandex
Charles by Charles David heels

The pants are thrifted as well but the lining had been removed before I bought it. The wool blend is soft, not itchy, against the skin and I have a Spanx pant lining so I don't miss the lining. My tailor had to remove the cuff and use that to lengthen. Imagine that -- I actually had to ask my tailor not to shorten the hem but to make it longer!

Talulah Babaton $6 - 60% wool 36%polyester 4%lycra

Above, I belted over the blouse but have worn it tucked into an aubergine wool skirt.

Tahari skirt $3.75 (yep, thrifted)

Other than the taupe and black, I'd love to pair this blouse with other colours. What do you suggest?


  1. This is such a great fall look!

    I am shocked that you had the pants lengthened!!

  2. That blouse is GORGEOUS!!! It drapes so well I can't believe you thrifted all these items!

  3. Love that blouse! It reminds me of a JCrew color.....and I would probably pair it with a saturated teal, dark maroon or chocolate brown. I'm always so jealous of you "thrifty girls" who find all the great bargains ;)

  4. @Michelle: Thank you! "Make it longer" -- laughed after I said it.

    @Elaine: Lucky finds!

    @Callandra: Thank you for the suggestions! Will definitely try those colours to pair with.

  5. Good thrifting finds! Where did you get them? I never find anything that good when I go thrifting in Van...

  6. @1to24: Thank you - all luck! Try Value Village on Clarke in Burnaby/Coquitlam border or by Coquitlam Centre (Barnet). I'm guessing many well-to-do Westwood Plateau residents are the donors.

    @luscious163: Thank you! Hope you visit again.

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  8. I was just talking about loving blouses! Less tanks for me and more blouses! :) Happy New Year!