Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jorts, whorts and mube

The sun came out today here in usually wet Vancouver. I took advantage and wore an old sleeveless Jacob dress.

Everything is rushed in the mornings so these were taken at the end of the day. I don't think we can duplicate the lighting effect here. As you can see, a full day of sitting in front of the computer is evident on the skirt of my dress.

I had the top portion of the dress taken in. The lady who fitted me suggested padded bras. I had to press my lips tightly closed to stop from laughing. I would have to wear two or three padded bras on top of each other to fill it out.

Yes, it has functional pockets.

Many, including me, look through the newspaper for the Word of the Day. Today there was an interesting article about words used by five percent of the population. I think they are referring to fashionistas and personal shoppers - either one I am not. I am familiar with jeggings but have you heard of swacket? It is a combination of sweater and jacket. Here are other words I've learned today:

Spants - harem pants
Jorts - denim hot pants
Whorts - winter shorts
Mube - maxi tube dress

Apparently, the Oxford English dictionary has been updated to include "jeggings" and "mankini."

Am I the only one who hasn't heard of these words before today?

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  1. What?!? I've never heard of ANY of those words LOL!!!

    That dress looks great on you, I was going to ask how Jacob managed to fit you so well then I read you got it altered ;) I have the same issues with Jacob dresses I can never fill out the top :P