Saturday, August 13, 2011

Red, white and blue...

...stars over you! Remember that nursery rhyme or maybe I'm dating myself.

For five years now, we can wear jeans to work on Friday by donating a twoonie ($2 Canadian coin) towards United Way. Work is in a city outside of Vancouver, so most of my colleagues dress very casually to jeans/tshirt-cause-I-work-in-shipping. Inadvertently, I have been wearing skirts every day to work for the past six months and Fridays are no exception. Here's what I wore:
navy H&M cap sleeve t-shirt with attached flowers S $10
red Mexx lined skirt (thrifted $10)
Richard Tyler navy suede D'Orsay shoes (thrifted $10)
white Danier purse (last summer $38)

The skirt looks pink but is really red with white mixed in - like very fine vertical pinstripes. See the smile lines across the hips? This picture was taken before I left for work. It was too late to change so do you know what I did? I stuck my hand down my skirt and pushed the fabric out until the lines were less noticeable. This is not as easy as it looks. If you have this skirt, you know what I mean. It is lined and the skirt material is a cross between smooth denim and canvas - very unwieldy.

After work, my family all went to an open-air market that happens every Friday from 4-8pm. While buying some after-dinner goodies, the server told me how she spotted me earlier and have been coveting my skirt ever since. All day no one at work said anything to me (except my hubby) about my skirt so this was a welcome compliment and reassurance.

The shoes. Thrifted so you might think "ick", right? But this was not worn from the look of the soles and the fact that the original retail sticker was still on the inside of the shoe. I love D'Orsays but the fit is crucial on whether it stays on or if I'm an accident waiting to happen (in a skirt, no less). Never heard of Richard Tyler before this shoe and I don't know where I might find a B&M that I can scour for more.

I wore no jewelry as the flowers seem to be an accessory by itself.

How do you cope with unavoidable hip smile lines?


  1. cute bag!! And I think thrift is awesome! Diamonds in the rough I like to say

  2. @gillybeancandyjar: Thanks for visiting! Yes, I'm learning the fine art of thrifting from other petite bloggers.